Panel discussions

The panel discussions on Saturday and Sunday afternoon will provide a chance to explore several important themes related to psychedelics research in more depth. This will be an opportunity for researchers and experts to debate current topics, and to interact with the audience.

Neuroscience Panel. Moderated by Kim Kuypers.
Saturday | The Forge | 17:10 – 18:00

Jordi Riba
Matthias Liechti
Robin Carhart-Harris
Draulio B. de Araujo

Panel: Psychedelics & Spirituality. Moderator: Torsten Passie.
Saturday | Atrium | 17:10 – 18:00

Bill Richards
Roland Griffiths
Alexander Belser
Rick Doblin

Panel: Ayahuasca, Globalization & Health. Moderated by Bia Labate.
Sunday | The Forge | 15:30 – 16:30

Arno Adelaars
Heiner Dörfler
David O’Shaugnessy
Luis Fernando Tófoli

Panel: Psychedelics & Therapy. Moderator: Alicia Danforth.
Sunday | Atrium | 15:30 – 16:30

Jeffrey Guss
Marcela Ot’alora
Bill Richards
Friederieke Meckel-Fischer